As we’ve been recording the three EPs that will be launched one after another in the next few months, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce (and thank!) all of the awesome, talented and lovely musicians that were willing to plough their way down to the most remote corner of the country to be a part of this adventure! We’ve had serious, straight-faced sessions trying to get a technical fiddle part down, all the way to big jam-outs; getting experimental with xylophones, weird microphone placements and homemade walnut liquer. Its been a trip! So in case your eyesight is too poor for the tiny print in the liner notes, here’s the line-up of the upcoming EPs.


Bean Dolan on upright and electric bass      Neil Fitzgibbon on fiddle and bouzouki

IMG_0494             IMG_0434

Brian Murphy on electric lap steel                   Andy Wilson on backing vocals

IMG_0458         IMG_0502

Dave Hastie on backing vocals                   Irene Dunne on backing vocals

IMG_0478 cropped          IMG_0416

Mick Cronin on drums                                                The Wheels!

Mick Cronin          IMG_0414

The Gear

IMG_0470           IMG_0412

A big thanks to Bean, Irene, Neil, Andy and Dave for coming all the way to Bantry Bay and laying down some monster parts. Also a huge thanks to Brian and Mick for letting me rock out in their awesome studio in Drumlish and for providing the necessary groove and electric growls to the recordings.

Now that you’ve met the cast, its time to hear the tunes! Give us a few weeks and we’ll be putting them out as they come, hot from the press!




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