New Songs – New Projects

Im delighted to be sharing a new song and a new project with you guys! This first video is a new one called ‘One Last Song’ which is my way of saying goodbye to a loved one and putting the past behind me.

The second video is a country duet with the lovely Zena Al Nazer. Taken from Zena’s website, she’s a ‘Filmmaker. Actor. Writer. Artist. Lawyer. Woman who wants to do it all’. We’ve been recording a number of duets, originals and a couple of country classics. and we’re real happy with the results so far. Plans are in the making for an album of country duets, originals and a few covers. If you like what you hear let us know and we’ll work extra hard to get the album out as soon as possible!

Don’t forget you can still pre-order your own copy of my new record MOOD FOOD CAFE right here .   There will be a limited run of copies printed so order yours before they run out!


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