Born and raised in the Netherlands, American-Dutch songwriter Isaac Tabor sings of lost love on all continents, the disappearing wetlands of Louisiana, the dust of the Pampa trail in Argentina and Methamphetamine invasion of Arkansas, to name a few. A storyteller at heart, he likes to bring the audience into the story and share the feelings we have all have in common, one verse at a time.Diving into the music scene in Liverpool almost ten years ago, Isaac played electric and acoustic guitar with a number of bands before settling down with the folk five-piece Jukebox Gypsy, which started an adventure that is still going strong today. Since 2008, the band has released three albums of original music. These albums showcase the songwriting of several band members as well as Isaac’s lead guitar work. The last few years has taken them from Ireland to the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and England, playing at festivals, folk clubs and acoustic concert series.
In recent years Isaac has established himself as a prominent acoustic lead guitar player and songwriter on the scene. With an international background and constantly on the move since childhood, Isaac writes about what he sees. His songs are small stories of people’s plight to overcome suffering that speak to the heart. He is currently on tour promoting two new EPs, each with a different style and sound. The first in the series, MOOD FOOD CAFE, is a good ol’ down-and-out Country record that features a string band line-up (fiddle, double-bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin) and lots of swinging and swaying country blues.  MOOD FOOD CAFE was released in October, 2013. The next in the series, SONGS OF LOVE AND REGRET, a stripped-down folk record with lots of close harmony singing and finger-picking guitar, was released in February, 2014. The release of Isaac’s first two solo EPs is currently matched with concerts in the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming tour dates and make your way to one of the shows!